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Photographic Lens Testing, Comparisons, and Comments

Last Updated: 04/19/04 - Large Format Lens Tests (for 4x5 format and larger)
Last Updated: 04/19/04 - Medium Format Lens Tests (for 6x6, 6x7, and 6x9 formats)

90Angulon vs 110Super Symmar XL
150Germinar W vs 150Fujinon W/EBC
200Nikkor M vs 183mm Protar Series V
An ambitious test of 210mm LF lenses

Four Docter Optic lenses

A Family Portrait

Four-way 120 format camera test

Theoretic Limits of resolution in a 'perfect' lens
How to determine usable/meaningful resolution limits
Review of Lens/System Test Results
A Modest Proposal for evaluating relative photographic system value
Which Large Format Lenses to Carry into the Field

More Large Format Lens

Photo Equipment that's come and gone...

Images organized by camera
Ultra Large Format

New - 8x10 Deardorff in the graveyard
New - 8x10 Burke and James, 12inch Kodak Commercial Ektar
8x10 Deardorff, 110SSXL on the SPS700
10x12, 11x14 Century
7x17 inch Korona view camera

4x5 Items

New - Arca Swiss in the graveyard
Ikeda Anba in India - a photographer's tale
4x5 field camera in India - photographer in action
Locomotive panels
SP4449 and SPS700 in the Brooklyn Roundhouse
OR&N 197 and F-type in the Brooklyn Roundhouse

Rolleiflex TLRs

Party camera
Party camera - part two
Updated - Belur - South India temple
Updated - Halibeedu - South India temple

Mamiya RZ 6x7 SLR

Visiting culture in Eugene
Thunderbird Park Totem Poles
Classical Guitars - handmade

Mamiya 7 6x7 RF

NEW - Oregon Country Fair - 2006
Ah, Florence, Italy...
Shravanabelgola - South Indian temple
A party in Elmira
Remembering the Peace Rallies - part one
On the road in Singapore

Noblex 150F swing lens

Remembering the Peace Rallies - part two
Interior of Yellowstone Lodge

Hasselblad 500CM

When the 500CM actually worked...
Remembering the Peace Rallies - part three

Rollei 35

Rollei 35 Xenar
Looking for silk and carpets

Rollei 35 Sonnar HFT
US-based Ashram in the Indian style
US-based Ashram in the Indian style - part two
Election Politics

Ricoh GR1

On vacation
Cute Point and Shoot 35mm camera

Misc. Artifacts

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