totem poles Thunderbird Park, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

In the Fall of 2003, I traveled through western Canada. We like the channel islands just north of the US border. The people are very friendly, knowledgable of world affairs, and serve great beer.

Across the street from our hotel in Victoria was a place called Thunderbird Park. First Nation peoples work their arts and crafts in this area and have erected a number of interesting totem poles. I like the way the wood (Cedar) is worked and the shapes that can be made from it. On this particular morning it was drizzling and cold. But I worked through 3 rolls of film in short order. These are some of my results.

I used a Mamiya RZ 6x7 SLR camera and a variety of lenses. On this morning I had and used a 65mm L-A, 110mm Z, and 180mm W-N lenses. All are sharp and contrastly. I also used Kodak TMax100 film souped in Kodak D76 developer. The prints were made to Kodak PolyMax FineArt double weight paper.

totem poles totem poles totem poles totem poles totem poles totem poles totem poles