Rolleiflex twin lens cameras - Party On!

After having a difficult time keeping a Hasselblad out of the repair shop I decided to try Rolleiflex TLRs once more. I found that they're wonderful to work with. They are simple, robust, easy to use cameras. And the optics? FABULOUS!!! The Rollei optics are only single coated. However, when I tested them I found they are the resolution equal of and to control flare better than more modern multicoated 80mm Hasselblad Zeiss CT* Planar optics.

These images were taken with two Rollei twin lens reflex cameras. The hat images were taken with a c.1962 Rolleiflex 2.8F Xenotar. I found it in a local camera shop for very very cheap. Digital cameras appear to have driven medium format camera costs through the floor. In any event, I was happy to pick up such a fine camera for the price I did. The second camera was a c.1966 Rolleiflex 3.5F Planar. This camera was picked up at a photoswap from a nice gent who lives up north.

In both cases I used a very old compact Minolta flash and Kodak VC160 color print film. I moved recently and my darkroom is "off-line" just now. Hopefully my new play-pen will be up and ready for use shortly. There are so many rolls of film to process and print... temples in Karnataka, India... SD9 diesel electric locomotives in Napa Valley, California... portraits of family and friends... I can't wait! Until then, here are some color photos.

The image used in the upper right corner on this page is of a c.1956 Rolleiflex 2.8E model 1 in very nice condition.

party hats! Party hats! Party Hats! Party hats! Party Hats! Party Hats!