Last update: 10 August, 2005

Linhof Super Technika 4x5 and the Docter Optic Germinar W 150mm

Train parts image
SPS700 - Brooklyn Roundhouse
Kodak TMax 100 film, 1/4 seconds, f/22
Linhof Super Technika III 4x5 view camera
150mm Docter Optic Germinar W f/9
Test enlarged print to Kodak PolyMax E/RC

This image was taken on a brightly light day in early Summers. The Roundhouse is always a wonderful place to wander around in search of images. I was attempting to compare a 300mm Docter Optic APO Germinar against the wee-tiny-small 150mm Docter Optic Germinar W. I shot a little TMax100 and this is the result. The Linhof 4x5 Super Technika view camera is quite nice and is solid with plenty of bellows to handle a 360mm optic. It sat upon an old traditional Star-D aluminum tripod. In other tests (see this site for additional information) I was able to prove that the 150mm Germinar W lens is sharp enough to carry in place of the slightly larger 150mm Fuji NWS f/5.6.

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