Last update: 10 August, 2005

Deardorff 8x10 and the Schneider Super Symmar 110mm XL

SPS700 train image
SPS700 - Brooklyn Roundhouse
Arista 400 film, 8 seconds, f/45
Deardorff 8x10 front swing view camera
110mm Schneider Super Symmar XL f/5.6
Test contact print to Kodak PolyMax E/RC

This image was taken on an overcast day in late Fall. The Roundhouse was dark and very dimly lit. There was no one around, except Doyle McCormick. He was in his office, a nice old caboose, working and may not have known I was even in his playpen. The Deardroff 8x10 view camera is quite heavy, but is very sturdy. It sat upon a huge Bogen tripod that is large and strong enough to hold 7x17 and 11x14 view cameras. The lens is Schneider's highly regarded 110mm Super Symmar XL f/5.6 aspheric optic. I wanted to see if it covered the 8x10 format. This was one of several images taken that day which showed me what the 110mm lens was capable of.

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