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Mamiya RZ in a makeshift studio

I seem to always start with this, so why break with tradition? The photographic madness continues. The story begins with my very beautiful Hasselblad breaking down on me four times in less than a year. It was small things. But I lost three photo-shoots and I got a little upset. So I asked around about the reliability of Mamiya RB and RZ equipment. Turns out, nearly everyone said try it, you'll like it. So I did. And they were right.

My father builds classical guitars from scratch. I visitied him recently and liked what he had built. He used all sorts of interesting looking wood and thought they might make fun images. I loaded up the Mamiya RZ with Kodak 160VC C41 film, set the camera on a tripod, and tryed to locate an area with decent light. His guitar room had a large west facing window. Being that is was after noon, the light coming from the window was soft skylight only. I seemed nearly perfect for what I was attempting to accomplish.

handmade guitars
handmade guitars

I chose four guitars and set about resting resting them on a large drop cloth. Some of them had heavy gauge guitar strings which gave them a great look and sound. The exposures were around 1/4sec at f/16. In various arrangements I found different lenses worked well. For these I used the standard 110mm Z, a 65mm L-A floating element lens, and a 180mm W-N. The images were scanned from negative by the processor. I have performed no manipulation other than resizing the images to 500 pixels on the long side.

handmade guitars
handmade guitars

If you are a classical guitarist who has somehow stumbled on this page and have questions, please return to the index.html and scroll to the bottom of the page. My email address can be found there. I am happy to answer any questions that I can about these guitars. To this un-trained ear, my fathers guitars sound at least as good as a $2000 Esteve.

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handmade guitars

handmande guitars