Prior to Invading Iraq... 3

Ken Linvingstone said on May 8th, 2003 that "Bush is repellent, a hawk who was a coward, leader of the most corrupt administration since the Twenties. He's not a legitimate President..." Now there's something that must be very close to the truth.

This is the third of several pages devoted to sharing photographic images from a few of the many marches for peace that took place in 2002 and 2003. Several cameras were used. Included was a Hasselblad 500CM kit with 80mm CT* and an old 120mm C Makro. I also used a Mamiya 7 with 80mm L kit as well as a Noblex 150F swing lens camera. The images shared here were taken using the Mamiya 7 and it's marvelous 80mm lens. I used Kodak TMax100 film exposed a EI200 souped in Rodinal at 50:1.

peace rally
Did Saddam have anything to do with 9/11? No.

peace rally
Lest anyone think that all Christians love war born
out of fear and the need to control...

peace rally
It seems that occupying Iraq is
about the size of certain things
that BushCo might or might not have

peace rally
This wonderful lady had recently been let go from a
local high tech company and she coulndn't understand how
invading Iraq was going to help her find a job

peace rally
Simple, direct messages that were ignored

peace rally
Some feel that BushCo is a Weapon of Mass Distraction...
and about the $600,000 that Enron contributed to
King George II's election kitty...

peace rally
The people who carried these puppets must have been strong

peace rally
The music was great... the people warm...
and the message clear...