Arca Swiss - Lone Fir Cemetery

I recently replaced an aging Linhof SuperTechnika III (series 3) 4x5 field camera. The new camera is the very smooth, very rigid, very sweet Arca Swiss Discovery. I have a Technica to Swiss adapter that takes my modern lensboards. So I have standardized on lensboards that fit both the Arca Swiss and Ikeda Andba. I added a 40cm rail to the Arca kit. It helps me use a 300mm Nikkor M lens a various camera to subject distances. And I added a bag bellows that works well for everything from 75mm through 240mm.

These images were taken using the Arca Swiss Discovery on the 40cm rail. I used Polaroid Type55 P/N film. I had made a mistake of trying to print TMax100 on Platinum/Palladium. I had forgotten that there is a UV layer in the slower TMax film. Switching to Polaroid materials would hopefully allow me to practice printing on Palladium before turning my attention to 8x10 TMax400 on Palladium.

Lone Fir Cemetery
Early Death - 180mm Nikon W f/5.6
Some of these monuments have been heavily weathered

Lone Fir Cemetery
Departed - 180mm Nikon W f/5.6
There are many early vertical standing headstones

Lone Fir Cemetery
Copper Beech - 110mm Schneider Super Symmar XL f/5.6
Massive trees throw shade over the resting

Lone Fir Cemetery
Flowers of Christ - 110mm Schneider Super Symmar XL f/5.6
The graveyard is in current use

Lone Fir Cemetery
Three Shadows - 180mm Nikon W f/5.6
On hot says, even the grass turns brown