Interior of the Yellowstone Lodge at Old Faithful

In the summer of 2003, I traveled through Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. We stopped off at the Yellowstone Lodge. It is a very large wood structure that creaks and groans with every step a person takes. The food is good and the proximity to wildlife and geologic features make it a nice stop point, though I would never want to stay there, what with all the noise from people walking around and all that. The day we were there, the gift shop had an incredible Indian headdress. the feathers looked like Grouse or something similar. The price was $2000US. It's good thing I didn't have that kind of money laying around. It was that incredible.

Using a Noblex 120 format swing lens camera, I setup a tripod in the corner of the NorthEast second floor balcony. Using the multiple exposure feature, I spun the drum at 1/30th sec for 60 turns. I used Kodak TMax400 film and set the lens to f/8. The interior of the building was darkly lit. If nothing else, this gives an interesting perspective of the place.

sunrise 3