Last update: 06 March, 2006

A Family Portrait

Front row (from left to right): 120mm Schneider APO Symmar f/5.6, 90mm Schneider Angulon f/6.8, 150mm Germinar-W f/9, 200mm Nikkor M f/8
Middle row (l to r): 300mm APO Germinar f/9, 300mm Nikkor M f/9, 210mm Schneider Xenar f/6.1, 150mm Fujinon W/EBC f/5.6
Back row (l to r): 75mm Rodenstock Grandagon f/6.8, 110mm Schneider SuperSymmar XL f/5.6, 240mm Germinar W f/9, 210mm Docter Tessar f/4.5, 210mm Schneider Symmar Convertable f/5.6

They are all beautiful, aren't they? Kind of like one's own children.

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