Deardorff - Lone Fir Cemetery

After seeing a friend's Platinum/Palladium prints, I had to dust off my old 8x10 Deardorff view camera. I wanted to photograph something that my friends did not. And the subject matter needed to be something I was interested in. I remembered a passage from ibn Arabi's autobiographical work and turned to the graveyard as my next subject.

These images were taken using an 8x10 Deardorff view camera. The beast weighs around 20 pounds and appears to have the base of a much larger 8x20 Deardorff panorama camera. I used Kodak TMax400 film rated at 400, and souped in D76. I had made a mistake of trying to print 4x5inch TMax100 on Platinum/Palladium. I had forgotten that there is a UV layer in the slower TMax film. So I "had" to remember to choose a film that did not have a UV layer. The 400 speed TMax does not. So now I get to try my hand at printing on Palladium.

Lone Fir Cemetery
Fractured - 240mm Schneider G-Claron f/9
It was almost as if this rock were ready to crumble

Lone Fir Cemetery
Shattered - 360mm Schneider Symmar Convertible f/5.6
The Masons are prominantly buried throughout the graveyard

Lone Fir Cemetery
Leaning to the left - 360mm Schneider Symmar Convertible f/5.6
Lichens try to reclaim stone. Someday they will.

Lone Fir Cemetery
Sailor Man - - 360mm Schneider Symmar Convertible f/5.6
The flat stones are just as interesting as the vertical headstones