Hevanet Terms of Service

All Hevanet's services will be paid in advance. The due date for payments is on the first day of the service period. We will send you an invoice by e-mail 2 weeks prior the due date. The account will be closed without notice if payment is not received by the due date.

Hevanet exercises no control over and has no responsibilities for the content, accuracy, and quality of the information you can obtain through its service. Hevanet makes no warranties of any kind for the service it is providing and is not responsible for any damage you or another party may suffer. Hevanet may only be used for lawful purposes; transmission of any material in violation of any US or state regulation is prohibited.

The account is not transferable and you can not resell your Hevanet connection in any way or form. Allowing other people to use your account or reselling our service will cause us to terminate your account with no refund in addition to possible legal actions.

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