Scale Factor of 4 and 12

Scale Factor of 4 and 12

What is the Scale Factor of 4 and 12? What is the Scale Factor between 4 and 12? More specifically, what is the Scale Factor from a length of 4 to a length of 12? In other words, what (Scale Factor) can you multiply by 4 to get 12 as illustrated below?:

4 × Scale Factor = 12

To solve the equation above, you simply divide both sides by 4 to get the Scale Factor alone on the left side:

(4 × Scale Factor)/4 = 12/4
Scale Factor = 12/4

We could leave the answer like that, but we have also converted the answer to its simplest fraction form and to decimal form:

Fraction answer = 3
Decimal answer = 3

You may also be interested to know that we verified that 4 × 3 = 12 is true, which means that our answer is correct. Also, note that since 4 is less than 12, this is an Enlargement Scale Factor.

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