Convert 108 minutes to hours

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On this page we will show you in detail how to convert 108 minutes to hours. Before you continue, note that minutes is often shortened to min and hours is often shortened to hrs. Therefore, 108 minutes to hours is the same as 108 minutes to hrs, 108 min to hours, and 108 min to hrs.

To convert 108 minutes to hours, we will start by making an equation, and then use the equation for our conversion. There are 60 minutes per hour, so we can make our equation like this:

Minutes / 60 = Hours

To get 108 minutes in hours, we replace minutes with 108 in the equation above to get the answer as follows:

108 / 60 = Hours

108 minutes
= 1 4/5 hours
= 1.8 hours

In addition to converting 108 minutes to hours above, we have also converted 108 minutes to hours -and- minutes below for your convenience:

108 minutes
= 1 hour & 48 minutes

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