One Man's Opinion

by Gene Hopp
Men's Advocate
Mensa Special Interest Group

When reflecting on the O.J. Simpson news it is, at the moment, pure speculation, but certain similarities are so totally common (including the myopic media and feminist rhetoric) and, dare I say it, American, that perhaps a comment is still appropriate. If the following thoughts don't apply to Simpson, they do in many other cases.

The similarities? Simpson was yet another disenfranchised father, presumably "allowed" to see his children a "reasonable" amount of the time. No doubt, these children had retained their "rights", associated with being "his" children, to an affluent life-style... shared, at least in part, by his ex-wife. As an aside, I wonder if Simpson had become so "arrogant" as to think (as I had) that as the children grew older, his involvement became even more important... the "flip side" of the long revered "tender years doctrine".

But all that aside, and his guilt or innocence not-with-standing, fathers all over America continue to express themselves violently when trapped in situations never even known by women. Situations in which they are stripped of all authority but still held responsible. A century ago, when paternal custody was the norm, mothers were denied custody and separated from their children. Now long forgotten, thanks to feminism and modern male chauvinism, these mothers were also released from all continuing responsibility. That was "justice" by the male sense of fairness. Now, we have established a system in which fathers are denied access and jurisdiction and yet, still held responsible. Is that "fairness" feminist style?

For the life of me, I cannot fathom a society that grants women the right to abort a fetus (about 30% of the population considers that murder.), give away a child, or unilaterally keep the child and require others to pay for it. Invariably, when I hear a liberal or a femi-nazi railing about the "right of reproductive choice" to which women are entitled, I can only wonder if they're even aware of what we are doing to men... primarily underclass men. I only want to gag when I hear this idiotic, "Well, men have to be responsible." What?... in a society of eager, willing, and promiscuous women who are often wanting to get pregnant? Men are only men, not gods. More important, and as nice as the idea may be, and to the credit of the millions of men who measure up to this ludicrous double standard, what kind of fathers... and mothers... do we think this system will produce?

Quite simply, if leading American women don't wake up to this lunacy and demand responsibility from their own sex, America deserves to go down the toilet. Men have leaned upon other men to demand responsibility since time immemorial and still do. The ridicule of men who seem to fail, by whatever standards, continues unabated... and even enhanced by feminist rhetoric. The time has come to show this same equality to women who are now free to make the unilateral choices which degrade the social fabric.

One final item, why have I heard no one, certainly no feminist, mention the possibility that a man (Goldman) may have sacrificed his own life to save yet another woman?

For more on this topic read "Men & Marriage" by George Gilder, "The Garbage Generation" by Dr. Daniel Amneus $12.95 Primrose Press 2131 S. Primrose Ave. Alhambra, CA 91803, or anything by Charles Murray.

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