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While Port of Call is a bimonthly newsletter of Intertel region 7, most of the contents are of interest to a wider audience. This set of web pages contains all of the articles, letters, and features back to August 1994.

POC is intended to be a free thought journal where any topic of interest to its widely diverse readership can be rationally discussed. While no materials are intended solely and specifically to offend, intellectual integrity is valued far above political correctness. The appropriate way to object to positions taken in POC is to submit a thoughtful and well written letter or article persuasively arguing your points.

Intertel takes no official positions on any issues. All expressions of opinion and statements of supposed fact published in Port of Call reflect the views of the contributors, and do not in any way reflect the policies and views of Intertel, Region 7, its officers and functionaries, or Port Of Call.

Editor's note: Welcome to Port of Call! As the current volunteer editor of Port Of Call and this home page, I hope you find the contents interesting and informative - or at least amusing. - Kort E Patterson

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