Book Review

by David Jacocks

Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy
by M. Stanton Evans
663 Pages
Copyright 2007

We've all heard the term "McCarthyism", and we know it was used as a derogatory term. I was born in 1942, and as I matured I always assumed Joe McCarthy (R) was just a dirty rotten liar haphazardly smearing people with no proof. Well be prepared to change your perceptions. The VENONA* project largely supports what Senator McCarthy was telling the public through Senate hearings. You've seen the old B&W news reels where Joe was depicted with everything but horns? Well Joe was a knowledgeable patriot!

I affectionately refer to him as Joe because he went to his death disgraced by the progressives of that time (40's and early 50's) who were not about to let anyone interfere with their game plan, whatever that game plan may have been. It seems that the progressives of World War II were as smitten by Socialism then as they are now! As quickly as a Communist was outed and fired he would somehow get reinstated to continue the work of Stalin and Mao. The State Dept was so infiltrated that even the subsequent Eisenhower Administration was hoodwinked into disparaging the Senator and supported his ultimate demise via a rigged Censure hearing.

This is an amazing read well worth your time if you are at all interested in American political history as it relates to today's progressive thought and intended direction. We lost China and ultimately Korea to the Communist. What does the current crop of progressive D's intend to screw up?

You should actually enjoy this book in the same way as any spy thriller, but with footnotes.

*VENONA Project. Google this for a description of the decryption of secret Soviet intelligence, naming names including the likes of Alger Hiss. While you're at it, Google "Amerasia Affair".

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