Beautiful Kodak Folding Camera

Kodak Special Kodak 620 Special with 100mm f/4.5 Anastigmat

Resolution in Lines per mm (center/middle/edge)

With target distance set at 12 feet
40 63 45 f/11 at 13' on lens scale  
63 57 31 f/11 at 11' on lens scale  
57 63 36 f/16 at 12' on lens scale  
63 57 50 f/22 at 12' on lens scale 


Kodak Special

Kodak Special
1947 Steam Locomotive leaves Hillsboro Station

This train visits Hillsboro, Oregon once or twice a year. So the last time it came to town we could hear it all day working up and down the tracks. It was getting late, so I grabbed the Kodak Special and headed to the train station.

As luck would have it, it was firing up to leave the station and my camera wasn't loaded with film! After something of a mad dash to get the film into the camera, I guessed the distance to focus the lens, and quickly read the shadow area of the train to sed the exposure.

This image is one of four I took as the engine pulled away. Who says one can't use these little folding cameras as 'point and shoot' devices? :) :) :)